Needed Changes


  • Should work with caching
  • Should be able to disable it completly in theme options and just show normal links
  • Has to send referer somehow to amazon so they know where the click is comming from (else i get banned)

Link Hiding Locations:

  1. Table Buttons
  2. Make the Table image also clickable and hide it
  3. Kaufen Button inside posts (top and after content)
  4. Kaufen button from post listings (category pages bottom and homepage new post listings)

How it should work:

Please copy how it works from


Additional Stuff that i would like after it works:

  • Automaticly create the Amazon Affiliate Links from the ASIN used in posts: () The Number inside the shortcode is the asin
  • For this there must be a theme option to enter tracking id
  • I think you can use the asa plugin already installed to do this

Second Projekt

This is for a different Projekt! Should be started with a backup of this website. Will send you the data when this website is finished.

  1. Basicly i want to copy some parts of another website for a new project of mine. Will send you all needed plugins and wordpress login when we start. Basicly i want to autogenarate a whole website with amazon content. For this i use the plugin aawp has a template system that i would like to use if possible so i can update the plugin. If aawp is to shitty to work with, i can buy amazon simple admin 2 premium plugin, could be that its better esp. its caching. You can decide what you like more to work with.
  2. First thing i need is a copy of the table like you can find it on Must be responsive. (i already made tablepress responsive with my theme)
  3. It should have everything lead to amazon just like strawpoll. I want to use ELF Plugin again so no links are visable to Google in the source code.
  4. Next i need what you can see here on strawpoll as a shortcode:unbenanntShould be pretty easy to make.
  5. Next is i need a function like on this picture:linkBasicly it shows Link to where normaly is shown link from browser. (if this is much work we can just leave it out its just nice to have i dont want to pay much money for this)
  6. This could be hard to make, dont know enough about coding to really tell. First some short explanation. The website content in the end will be created with a mass page generator plugin (serp shaker). After i run it i will have something like 15.000-25.000 pages~ If you look again at you see a poll. I want this in my website too. There are multiple Poll plugins, so i will just use one of them. Problem is, it has to look real so i need to autopopulate it from start. Basicly it has to use the Amazon bestseller Data like the table to choose 5 products. I need a way to input some randomized votes when the website is started. Something like 20-70 Votes in total, then randomize the single votes for products and make it so the first bestselling item should get like 50-60%, second 30-40% and so on, BUT it should obviously not go over 100% :). I hope you undestand what i mean. Perhaps this can be done with a script before i put the website online. After that users should be able to vote normally.
  7. I need some kind of caching for everything, so it does not get updated more then once per day. The aawp and asa2 plugin both have caching function, i dont know which is best to use. But with around 20.000 pages i cant update on the fly everytime because it will make the website slow as fuck.
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